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11th April 2018

The Jardin de Cactus

Lanzarote has a very harsh and barren landscapes and yet skilled gardeners over the years have adapted, utilised and learned to work skilfully with the local plants and vegetation in order to survive and cultivate for future generations

Nowhere is this more visible, than at the stunning Jardin de Cactus. This garden is simply elegance and chic in flora formation.

With over 1,100 species of cacti (and new species being introduced and crossbreed every year) this garden is a feast for plant lovers. The cacti have been sourced from all over the world and are positioned to expertly accentuate the beauty of the landscape whilst allowing the plant to survive and grow in certain environments yet be visible against the grey volcanic ash and harsh rockface

This design and implementation is considered to be one of Cesar Manrique’s proudest projects. This was his last project before his death in the 1990s, so holds a dear sentiment to all who knew him personally.

The garden itself is designed in a disused quarry protected from the environment allowing for stunning plants to grow in harmony with the terrain

The garden is located near to the town of Guatiza, in the north of the island, with a beautiful backdrop of the volcanic landscape Within the garden, there are ponds, winding paths and lava rocks overlooked by a restored rustic windmill, offering great views towards Arrieta. There is also a stunning bar and cafe to tempt the taste buds of the local cuisine and partake in a glass of local vino.