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6th May 2023

an underwater cellar

In the Canary Islands the current of the North Atlantic coexists with those of the south of the planet and together with the coastal current of the Archipelago, a curious phenomenon takes place, which consists of the rise of cold waters from the ocean floor.

Its multiple currents and cold temperatures create magic in its waters where this sanctuary of life is located.

And it is there where Nautilus has undertaken this beautiful project where they unite the volcanic soil of this particular island with the vibrant Atlantic Ocean, to produce a dry white wine Malvasía Volcánico Submarino, an excellent wine with unique characteristics in the world.

Underwater wine is the latest novelty in the world of wine!

Our wines are unique in flavor and texture. Cold water and ocean currents help develop unique flavors.

Seawater is more temperature stable than air, which helps maintain a constant temperature for wine storage.

In addition, the underwater environment is humid, which also helps to maintain adequate humidity for the conservation of the wine, which is essential to prevent the cork from drying out or damaging it.

Order today and experience the underwater wine difference!

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