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If you are a villa owner and you advertise your property privately, advertise through a 3rd party source or just allow friends / family to use it… you need to read this

New regulations governing tax payments and tax declarations were brought into action on 24th May 2018 with the introduction of the “Modelo 179”

This is a brief summary of what is involved…

On the 24th May 2018, Spain approved the new tax form “Modelo 179” for the reporting of holiday rentals, establishing the legal conditions / requirements and the presentation process to the relevant tax departments (Orden HFP/544/2018).

It establishes an obligation to report information for “advertising platforms” such as Airbnb, Home Away, and any entity that acts as an intermediary including Property Management Companies (who also advertise for rental income) or whoever provides accommodation for touristic holidays, even if they do this with no charge (owners, friends, family all still have to be registered although payment will be £0).

The information to be provided in the tax form is detailed below:
1. Identification of the owner or holders of the dwelling, the person / company with the right to lease the property and the people or entities renting the property.
2. Identification of the property (full address) with specification of the numero de cadastral reference (Town Hall can provide this detail if not on escritura).
3. Start date for each holiday booking as well as the number of days renting
4. Amount received in rent by the owner of the property.
• Contract number under which the property has been assigned to the intermediate declarant.
• Intermediation date in the operation.
• Means of payment (transfer, credit or debit card or other means of payment

If you require any further information on this matter, i have a more detailed document as well as FAQ’s that were compiled

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