My Week : 29th Oct 2019

Monday 29th October 2019

Just watched Mille 22.
Thoroughly enjoyable, noisy shoot-em-up from start to finish.
Great popcorn / beer action movie, few wise craics and plenty of fight scenes.
Worth watching if you want a movie that doesn’t require too much concentration.



New week..New Goals

Confirming the No.1 song in the Uk for the week ending Sunday 28th October. The weeks No.1 is : Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

This weekend on Lanzarote we saw LLV did : Spains equivalent to the Red Arrows. Go onto   have a look at the fabulous photos

Amazing football results this weekend : Celtic 3 – Hearts 0,  Aberdeen 1 – Rangers 0.    Liverpool 2 points ahead of everyone in the EFL    and finally whether you like rugby or not… Watch this

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