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COVID-19 requirements

4th November 2020 by Root

Negative Covid Certificate required for all of the Canary Islands

This is now law and has been published in the official gazette of The Canary Islands, and you can read the original document in Spanish here: Official Boletin.

This came into effect 31st October 2020, 

Test Certificate

Adults and children over the age of six years, arriving to The Canary Islands, regardless of where they are from, are required to provide a certificate confirming they have been tested within 72 hours of arrival. This is from the 14th November 2020 as there has been a 10 working day grace period to implement indicating they are not positive as a Covid carrier. A PCR or Antigen test is sufficient. The certificate can be presented digitally or on paper, a copy needs to be sent to

  1. Date and time of the test, 
  2. The patient’s name 
  3. Details of the test centre used.
  4. Result – negative as a Covid carrier

Lanz Luxury Vacation Rental Homes LTD require a copy of the certificate before you are able to gain access to your property.

Arrivals Without a Test Certificate

If visitors attempt to check-in without a certificate, you be refused access, and directed to the nearest test centre to take a test at your cost.

In exceptional circumstances, we may allow guests to stay overnight, remaining in your property, as long as you agree to a test the following day and only leave the property to be tested and to get the results.

Track & Trace App

All visitors are required to download the Radar Covid track and trace app, and should keep the app on their phones for 15 days after return to their home country, in order that any follow up contact due to exposure to a carrier can be made.

Canarian Residents

Residents of the islands can travel between islands and stay in tourist accommodation. They must affirm that they have been on the islands for at least the previous 15 days. Some hotels may ask for a document to be signed as an affirmation.

Non-Regulated Accommodation

This includes your own property on the island, staying with friends and family, or staying in unregulated accommodation. There is no mechanism in place to check those visitors have been tested, but they are strongly advised to do so. In any case, they must download the track and trace app.

Why a need for a test?

The islands have one of the lowest infection rates in the world. The aim is to make the islands a safe destination for everyone, and above all, to avoid a rapid increase in infections on the islands, which will overwhelm the health service here, and is likely to lead to another lockdown.

It’s Not Perfect!

It’s also recognised that testing isn’t 100% accurate, that anyone could contract the virus after being tested and that some people arriving on the islands may slip through the net if they are staying in unregulated accommodation.