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29th October 2019

Campo Phoenix – Tours & more

With Campo Phoenix you will experience the beauty of Lanazarote, the best spots with the most beautiful views, the fresh air and the fabulous climate. They all merge together on this island. Enjoy a fantastic fun day on the island of volcanoes.


Here is a short explanation:

Our motto Life keeps rolling on … life keeps rolling – pervades our company from start to finish. No matter what – it goes forward to get ahead. We roll on wheels, whether On Road with our Vintage Buggys, or our traction equipment for hire, or I – the manager who masters her life in a wheelchair. Life keeps rolling so we discover, marvel and learn. The PHOENIX symbolizes for Campo Phoenix a symbol of resurrection, a story of transformation from one state to another, both physical and spiritual, like the fire and the ashes that shaped and changed this island as well.

Our attitude to life is never to give up and to achieve the best for our customers … Be it a wonderful moment of remembrance or a moment of peace and contentment in the simplicity of time. The focus of Campo Phoenix is always on finding new ways to make life more beautiful, because life keeps rolling on …


The focus of our offer is the active discovery and understanding of the beauty of this island. It is important for us to convey to our customers the nature of Lanzarote, fun and adventure. Experience the island of Lanzarote with Campo Phoenix Canarian Firebird On Road Tours, the best places with the most beautiful views, the fresh air and the wonder of climate change zones, all united on this island. Spend a fantastic day with lots of fun on the island of volcanoes.


A tour with Campo Phoenix takes place in small, individual groups and is determined by the respect and respect of the nature reserve. Of course, for us the disposal of garbage and the return of organic waste, the care of used materials and aids.


We always understand ourselves on all excursions and paths as guests. We treat people with respect, open-mindedness and respect for their way of life and culture. We support the local economy in the sense of a gentle tourism.

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